Take advantage of an event of international repute



For the success of this event, we are particularly grateful to our local authorities, sponsors, donators and our team of volunteers. We could'nt achieve this without all of them.


An exceptional media coverage
15 000 spectators

They talked about it …

TF1, FR3, France Info, Chérie FM, Radio France Picardie, Radio-Puisaleine, Point de Vue, Gala, Le Figaro, Le Figaro Madame, Le Parisien, Paris-Turf, Le Courrier Picard, Jour de l’Oise, Oise-Hebdo, L’Aisne Nouvelle, L’Union, Oise Agricole, Agir en Picardie, Terre Nature, Attelages Magazine, La Lettre de L’AFA, Horse International and Achenbach, Mensport, Paard & Rijtuig, Carriage Driving Magazine, Rino, Wheel and Whip, El Enganche, Attacchi, Pferd & Wagen.

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